Air Tiger Express (USA) and C-TPAT

Air Tiger Express (USA), Inc.
U.S. Licensed Customs Broker
Certification #26833630
Year 2013
Air Tiger Express (USA), Inc.
Air Forwarder/Ocean OTI
Certification #67432452
Year 2003
Air Tiger Express (USA), Inc. is a long standing participant in the Customs and Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Importers may potentially receive benefits from participation in the program from lower Customs Exam Ratios to faster processing times when exams are called. We believe there are other benefits inherent in participation in C-TPAT beyond those provided by CBP. These include:
  1. Increased security throughout your supply chain from offshore manufacturing facilities to your Distribution Centers or your customer's door.
  2. Improved control in the initiatives against theft, pilferage, or other loss to your valuable assets
  3. Greater protection against security breach which could result in your company being an unwilling participant in plots ranging from hijacking to terrorism; while at the same time destroying your public image.
  4. Achieve a more effective import program as well as enhanced security awareness within your entire company.

To find out more about the C-TPAT program, click here.

Seal Requirements for All Imports

All Import Containers, Trailers or Rail Cars arriving in to the United States must have high security type seals that meet ISO guidelines (ISO/PSA 17712 adopted May 2003) For More information about this CBP policy please click here.

Statement of Support

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