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Streamlining your logistics requirements, focusing on security, on-time delivery, and minimizing your logistics cost are priorities at Air Tiger Express (ATE). The world moves fast and when your business is taking assets through the door, freight lines or docks, it makes good business sense to select an international freight forwarder with a proven track record of 30+ year experience.

Improving Your Bottom Line
When you work with the Air Tiger Express Group, you are partnering with international freight forwarding experts that consistently move large volumes of assets by land, air, and sea. This enables your business to improve efficiency, reduce cycle time, and overall logistics costs by leveraging ATE's purchasing power, best rates, and favorable scheduling.

Streamlining Logistics And Expanding Your Company's Reach
Partner with the Air Tiger Express Group In the following areas and improve your business:

Capturing The Biggest Markets For Today And Tomorrow
If your business is working in or expanding into the Asian and European markets, look to the pioneers at the Air Tiger Express Group as your trusted partners. From the beginning, ATE's core business involves asset shipments to and from the United States and Asia. Successful and carefully planned expansion now includes a network of offices and agents in 65 countries across the 7 continents of the world.

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Air Tiger Express Companies, Inc., commonly known as "ATE Group," is a Delaware, U.S.A. Holding Company which owns 100% interest in Air Tiger Express (U.S.A.), Inc., an USA Operating Company, and Air Tiger Express (Asia), Inc., an Asia Operating Company which operates under the name of "Air Tiger Express", ATE Logistics" or similar names in different countries of jurisdictions in Asia.